A 'passport' for each Wild Salmon we smoke.
Passport for each Wild Salmon we smoke.


The Irish Government allow a limited number of individual fisherman to catch Wild Atlantic Salmon by hand with simple nets in selected rivers and estuaries that have a strong population of Wild Atlantic Salmon.

This traditional and sustainable method of catching Wild Salmon is called draft net fishing.

To show our respect for each Wild Salmon we catch we decided to introduce a ‘passport’ for each Wild Salmon we smoke. When you receive your Quinlan’s Kerryfish Wild Smoked Irish Salmon the passport will identify the unique salmon number from the limited number of Wild Salmon from that year.

Quinlan’s Kerryfish is fortunate that they can acquire these sustainable wild salmon to produce the famous Quinlan’s Kerryfish Wild Irish Smoked Salmon.

The Wild Salmon season starts in the middle of May, with a small number of wild salmon being caught. As the season progresses towards August the amount and size of the Salmon increase. Fishing is only allowed on certain days and the fishermen are only allowed to catch a small number of fish each day.