Wild Irish Smoked Salmon – A Tremendous Delicacy

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Hi Fish Fanatics,Wild Salmon is so versatile and can be served many ways

I hope you are all staying safe and well in the current climate.

As of today, Christmas Eve is officially a month away and we all certainly deserve to spoil ourselves after the year we’ve had. When we think Christmas at Quinlan’s we automatically think Smoked Salmon and though many things have changed this past year our passion for Smoked Salmon is more prevalent than ever.

Choosing a favourite within our Smoked Salmon range is like choosing a favourite child, but if we HAD to choose it would be our Wild Irish Smoked Salmon! ?

Our Genuine Wild Kerry Salmon is the best of the best, sourced from one of the purest salmon fishing rivers in Ireland. With just a handful of fishermen licenced to fish on the Laune Estuary, we are one of only a few smokehouses that is able to offer this exquisite delicacy.

Wild salmon has extra flavour because it has a natural diet and swims freely in the open ocean before returning to its native river.  When our Wild Smoked Salmon arrives at the Laune Estuary they are after migrating throughout the Atlantic Ocean. So, when they are caught, they are in prime condition, untouched by pollution or human interference.

The flavour of the fish is gamey. The texture is creamy, and it melts in the mouth with a complex, deep flavour enhanced by just a hint of pure oak smoke.

Wild Irish Smoked Salmon is so fiercely protected, and fishing is so highly restricted, rightly so, that it is very difficult to always have stocks, with prices reflecting its rarity.

We would encourage you to order while you can, as there is danger you won’t experience this wonderful delicacy as once stock is gone it’s really gone!

Have a great week, 

The Quinlan’s Team

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