Wild Irish Salmon in Germany

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We have noticed a growing demand for Wild Irish Salmon in Germany. This increased demand is most notable for Wild Irish Smoked Salmon. So, what’s driving it? There are a few factors which relate to Germany’s position as a global ‘Green Leader’, and these underly this increasing interest. 


Germany ranks as one of the world’s leaders in sustainable development, and Germany’s citizens are increasingly aware of how their purchasing choices can impact the environment.
A German environmental awareness study in 2018 found that “64% of the population in Germany consider environmental protection and climate change mitigation to be a high-priority challenge”. This was an 11% increase compared to the same study conducted two years prior. 

For those that care about sustainability, our produce is second-to-none. In 2006, Ireland moved to preserve wild salmon stocks by banning driftnet salmon fishing. Today in Ireland, only a small number of individual fishers are licensed to catch Wild Atlantic Salmon. Each fisher does so by hand, using a simple net. The length and size of the nets are regulated, as is the number of catch that each fisher can take for the week. Here at Quinlan’s Kerry Fish, we choose to fish rivers and estuaries that have a strong population of Wild Salmon. 

Traceability and Wild Irish Salmon in Germany

A key part of sustainability is traceability. Many companies make claims, but the conscientious shopper wants to see proof that those claims are true. At Quinlan’s Kerry Fish,  we take sustainability and traceability very seriously. That’s why we were the first to provide a ‘Passport’ to accompany every fish caught. This passport gives our German customers transparent, traceable Wild Salmon
Included in the passport is the time of capture and a unique identifying tag number. This tag allows you to trace on which day and at which time a particular fisherman caught your salmon. When we say ‘Kerry Fish’, we really do mean Kerry Fish; We catch our Wild Salmon locally at two sources: the Cashin Estuary in North Kerry, and the Laune Estuary in the South of Kerry. 

Growing Awareness of Health Benefits

More people are coming to understand the added health benefits of Wild Salmon. While all salmon contains healthy nutrients, good fats, and vitamins. Wild Salmon, in particular, is packed with natural anti-oxidants. The fish absorbs these from the krill and other tiny shellfish it hunts in the cold Atlantic waters.  Wild Irish Salmon also has a much higher ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fats. Finally, Wild Salmon contains less trace heavy metals, meaning you can eat more of it more often. 

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