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Introducing Irish Wild Smoked Salmon Passports 2020

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Hi all,

Our 2020 Passports

I hope that you are well,

I am sure you are looking forward to the lifting of the restrictions next week if you are based in Ireland.

In today’s post, we wanted to talk all about Traceability.

Traceability is hugely important to us at Quinlan’s as we want you our customers to know exactly where the fish you are eating is coming from.  

Therefore, given the uniqueness of our stock and given that we know the history of the whole fish from where it is caught, to who is catching the fish we have introduced a 2020 passport for our Wild Irish Smoked Salmon. This concept is completely unique to Ireland and we are so delighted to offer this level of transparency.

The passport, details the year of capture and the tag number of the fish, which is a unique identifier code for each particular fish. Through this tag number we can trace back to who caught the fish to the day and time they caught the fish.

This special ability to track our fish illustrates just how ahead small producers are of supermarkets who are mass producing salmon at a ferocious rate.

So, from now on every customer that buys Wild Irish Smoked Salmon on our website will receive this passport.

There is something very special about being able to enjoy one of the world’s rarest delicacies while simultaneously knowing its story from start to finish.

Chat Soon,

The Quinlan’s Team