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Tips For Sea Swimming This Summer

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The Atlantic Ocean provides us with so many treasures such as fresh seafood but it also can provide a great outlet where people can go to swim, clear the head and bask in its astonishing expansiveness.

However, the power and the strength of the ocean can never be underestimated and as the weather is starting to heat up and the volume of sea swimmers starts to skyrocket we just want to share with you the top tips of enjoying the sea water this summer while also staying safe.

Safe Swimming Tips:

  1. Do not swim by yourself. Whoever you bring with you doesn’t need to get in the water, but they should keep an eye on you.
  2. Check the tides – remember it is best to swim up to an hour either side of high or low tide.
  3. Assess conditions – are there any warnings? Is it safe for you? Is there a lifeguard on duty?
  4. Make yourself visible – wear a brightly coloured hat.
  5. Get in slowly to avoid water shock – · All Irish waters are cold enough to cause cold water shock just about every day of the year.
  6. Swim parallel to shore – it is always safest to swim parallel to shore. Taking this route makes you most visible to those on land and makes it easy to enter and exit the water
  7. Respect wildlife – whatever creatures you encounter you are there guest. Always respect their space and observe from a safe distance; let them come to you.
  8. Remember to pack extra layers for afterwards – and a hot drink or soup

What is a rip current?

 Rip currents are strong, narrow currents that flow from the shoreline, through the waves out to sea. They are most likely to occur in beaches suitable for surfing.

If you end up in this channel, try to remain calm, and either swim parallel to shore until you exit the current, or raise your hand directly upwards to attract attention from the lifeguards, do not swim against the rip current.

Swimming is a great activity that is fantastic for the body and the mind, if you haven’t tried it before ease yourself in to it and stay safe!

To see more tips on water safety see here

Happy Swimming!