Smoked Salmon Served 8 Ways

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Smoked Salmon Served 8 Ways

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Here are some great ways to serve smoked salmon in a simple and easy way with ingredients you likely have to hand in your kitchen. Whether you are just whipping up a quick snack or serving a group of people these are some great ways to satisfy everyone quickly and easily.

  • The Brown Bread Sour Cream Special

Thinly slice smoked salmon onto warm crusty bread and top with a little sour cream and a splash of black pepper.

  • Crunchy Special

Cut some radishes into slices and place a teaspoon of chopped smoked salmon and a dollop of sour cream on top; top with a grated egg yolk—hard boiled.

  • Cucumber Special

Spread some cream cheese over a slice of smoked salmon, add some black pepper and roll it around some cucumber or asparagus.

  • Sandwich Special

Layer smoked salmon, cucumber and black pepper between 4 slices of soft, buttered bread in this format: bread, salmon, bread, cucumber, bread, salmon, bread. Cut into triangles.

  • Feeling Fancy

Chop avocado, smoked salmon and cheese (our favourite for this recipe is mozzarella) into small pieces. Layer the ingredients in some glasses with a dash of black pepper between layers, and top off with some balsamic..

  • Protein Special

Spoon some egg salad onto a cracker and top it off with some strips of smoked salmon.

  • The New York Special

Cut a bagel from the center into small wedges about ½-inch thick. Turn on their sides and top with salmon, cream cheese, and chopped red onion. Add a dash of lemon.

  • Back to Basics Special

Cut slices of smoked salmon into small strips; squeeze fresh lemon juice over each strip and add black pepper. Roll the strips up and keep them together with toothpick. Sprinkle dill for flavour.


These are just some of our favourite ways to serve smoked salmon. If you’d like to find out more about our range of smoked salmon available online and instore click here.