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Seafood and the Health Benefits of Shellfish

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Shellfish have been a common source of food throughout the world for centuries. A rich source of protein, fats and minerals, shellfish have some great health benefits. From helping brain and health heart to boosting your immunity and even aiding in weightloss, shellfish is a delicious and a good source of nutrients.

Health Benefits

Packing some impressive nutrition, shellfish is great for your waist, brain, heart and immune system.

Weight Loss

Shellfish are a great source of lean protein. In addition they are low in calories and high in healthy fats. This makes them a good choice of food when you are losing weight. Protein is proven to help keep you feeling full. Often, when we don’t feel full from a meal we can eat additional unnecessary calories. As shellfish is protein rich, it can help keep you feeling fuller and maintain weight. of course, Omega 3 also compliments a feeling of fullness. So shellfish has an additional boost on other protein rich foods when aiding weightloss. Studies have shown that those who eat more Omega-3 rich foods when having calorie restricted diets feel more full after a meal than those who did not.

Heart Health

Omega-3 doesn’t just help you feel fuller though. It plays a significant role in heart health. Many studies have indicated that eating fish and shellfish can lower your risk of heart disease due to its inflammatory impact. B12 is also significant in heart health and found in abundance in shellfish. Not getting enough B12 is linked to high blood levels of homocysteine which can increase risk of heart disease.

Brain Health

What’s good for the heart is good for the mind. Not just in a holistic sense but also in the nutritional benefits of shellfish. Omega 3 and B12 are both important for a health brain. There are several studies out there that show a lack of B12 and Omega 3 can impact health brain function in adults and brain development in children. B12 also plays a role in producing chemicals in the brain that can impact on your mood. A low level of B12 intake has been linked to depression also.

Your Immune System

Zinc is linked directly to a healthy immune system. Its significant as it is necessary for developing cells that create your immune defense. In addition it is also an antioxidant which protects you against inflammation damage. Regularly eating shellfish such as mussels and crab can improve your levels of zinc and may improve your immune system.


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