Home Recipe Salmon Burger

Salmon Burger



Fillet of salmon
1 red pepper
Point-to-point relish
4-5 parsnips
Soft bread bun
Tomato salsa
1 white cabbage.

Paprika mix
50g dried paprika
50 g of smoked paprika
10g of coriander powder
10g of cumin powder
Pinch of Salt and 5 turns cracked black pepper


Remove all the skin and bones from salmon fillet and cut into darns.

Coat darns in paprika mix and place on the barbeque. Cook for two minutes on each side and they’re done.

Serve the salmon in a warm bun with some red pepper, and spoonfuls of mayonnaise and point-to-pint relish, along with shredded white cabbage.

Serving tip: A side of deep-fried parsnip chips and tomato salsa is a perfect accompaniment.