Home Recipe Pan Fried Mackerel

Pan Fried Mackerel



4 mackerel fillets (leave the skin on but without the pin bone)
Some seasoned flour

Martin’s Miraculous Tomato Sauce:
Two plum tomatoes (tinned and skinned are perfect)
1 clove of garlic
4 knobs of butter


Heat your pan for a minute then add some vegetable oil. When you begin to see blue smoke you’re ready for fish.

Dip your mackerel in some seasoned flour. Make sure to pat off the excess flour. And place skin side down in the pan. Don’t move the fish until it’s ready to turn. If the fish starts to contract just push it back down with your spatula.

When you see the sides beginning to brown you can turn over for another minute.

Then it’s onto your plate. Add some of your sauce and serve with salad or crusty bread.