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Fish Crumble



200g of fish per person so for a family of four
200g salmon
200g white pollock
200g monk
2 scallops
4 prawns

For the Crumble:
Bread crumbs
Butter 4 knobs
Parsley sprig
Vegetable Oil

For the stock:
Flat Fish bones (just ask your fish monger for some bones for stock)
A roughly chopped carrot
A roughly chopped onion
Some parsley
Some sliced lemon
Pinch of sea salt
¼ pint of milk
¼ pint of cream

For the Roux:
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
4 table spoons of plain flour


I’ll start with the stock, you can always use a bought fish stock cube but I like to make my own and it’s no harm in knowing how to do it anyway. Ask your fishmonger for some flat fish bones. You may need to ask him a day or so before hand just to make sure he had them for you.

Put them into a large pot, add the roughly chopped carrot and onion and the two or three slices of lemon. The add some parsley stalk and a good pinch of sea salt cover with water and turn on your heat.

Bring to the boil and then turn down to a simmer as we aren’t trying to cook this we’re only trying to get the flavour off the bones. So now let it simmer for 30 minutes.

Strain the stock into a new pot making sure it is free from bones. Turn to a medium heat and add the milk.

Now for a quick cheat a restaurant roux to thicken the sauce. Now take your flour and put into a small bowl add some oil not too much though as you are trying to make a paste.

A teaspoon full of roux will be plenty add it to your stock sauce and stir for two minutes as you don’t want it to sink to the bottom and burn the bottom of the pot and the sauce. Add the cream and simmer very gently for five minutes.

Gently melt your butter in a pan and add enough of your breadcrumb to soak up the butter, you only want enough crumb to cover you fish. Parsley in oil is very simple to make and keeps in the fridge for up to a week. Just take some parsley leaves and cover with oil and blend until the parsley is blitzed. It’s as simple as that. Add enough to colour to the crumble.

Cut your fish into chunks of equal size. Cut the scallops in half. Heat your pan, add some oil and wait until it gets hot before adding your salmon, then your Pollock and then your monk, scallop and finally your prawn.

Leave for 2 minutes and then turn the fish. After a minute add enough of your cream sauce to cover the fish.

Let it cook for a minute then it’s into a dish then add the crumble to cover the fish.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 7. The crumble should cook for about ten minutes in your oven You can also put under a hot grill or salamander to brown. Then serve.