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Due to the scare quantities of wild fish in Ireland this year, we have a very limited quantity of Wild Salmon available for Christmas orders compared to other years.

With every negative, there is a positive. We can now offer our customers our high quality and Sustainably Farmed Organic Salmon which won the Best Smoked Salmon in Ireland award at the recent Blas na hEireann awards.

If you are a past customer, please email Liam (liam.quinlan@quinlansfish.com) or Fintan (fintan@quinlansfish.com) to discuss various options for your Christmas order.

Since 1963 Kerryfish and the Quinlan family has been famous for the production of Wild Irish Smoked Salmon. Our smoking technique is one that we have practiced since our inception and Kerryfish has since 1963 built up a loyal following of gourmet customers throughout the world.

Our Wild Smoked Salmon was awarded Gold Medals at the UK Great Taste Award’s and we pride ourselves in the very special product we produce from Genuine Wild Atlantic Irish Salmon. This authentic product cannot be substituted in Quality, Taste or Texture by any mass produced farmed bred fish.

Wild Salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein and being completely natural contain no antibiotics, growth hormones or artificial colors and is high in heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

Our unique smoking process makes Quinlan’s Kerryfish’s Wild Irish Oak-Smoked Salmon the most desired of all Wild Smoked Salmon. If you wish to visit the smokery we are located a few km from Caherciveen.