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We take great care to ensure that only the finest grade of Superior Atlantic Salmon is accepted to produce our Award Winning Smoked Salmon. The smoking process takes approximately 24 hours and your order is dispatched by courier ensuring that you can enjoy our Superior Smoked Salmon a few days after they have been caught.

Quinlan’s Superior Smoked Salmon was awarded a Gold Medal at the Irish Food Awards and in addition to our Gold Medal in the Great Taste Awards in London we are Ireland’s Premier Smoked Salmon. Please select below from our range of Superior Smoked Salmon products in our online shop.

Our Superior Salmon is from a sustainable form of salmon rearing and is not harmful to the environment. A key element in ensuring the quality and purity of Quinlan’s Kerryfish Superior Atlantic Smoked Salmon is the environment in which they are reared. Our Superior atlantic smoked salmon are reared in the wild and clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, 6 kilometres off the coast of Co Kerry.

Quinlan’s Kerryfish Superior Atlantic Salmon live and feed in conditions that resemble their natural habitat. The high water movements generate strong water currents against which the salmon are compelled to swim. Such strong exercise results in fish with a firm flesh, a lower than average fat content and a deep fine taste.