Quinlan’s Seafood: Local Produce, Locally Sourced. Top 5 Reasons to Shop Local

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#1: Benefit the entire community

Studies have shown that when you make purchases from local businesses (rather than larger companies) more of your money continues to strengthen the economy within the community. The money is more likely to be used to make purchases from other local businesses such as service providers.

#2: Be friendly to our environment

When it comes to distance it’s a key environmental factor. Locally owned businesses including our own make more local purchases that require less transportation of goods/products and services. This has a significant impact on congestion, habitat loss and pollution.

#3: Local businesses create more jobs

A common misconception is that big companies in local communities are large employers. Although this is true to an extent, small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and provide the most jobs to residents. Shopping local can help support these businesses which in turn helps their sustainable growth and improve employment opportunities.

#4: Invest in your community

Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community’s future. By shopping locally you too are supporting the community by helping improve prospects in all areas of community living. From the positive economic and social impacts shopping local has on a community.

#5: Encourage future investment

The benefits of globalisation are all around us. It brings with it the opportunity for new ideas, businesses and opportunities. Entrepreneurs and skilled workers are likely to live and work in communities that nurture unique businesses with great ideas. Communities that open opportunities for businesses see better investment over time.


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