Quinlan’s atlantic smoked salmon brings back fond memories for Peter Morrell

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Eminent UK Food Writer Peter Morrell penned this article about Quinlan’s Smoked Salmon.

This Irish family’s award winning atlantic smoked salmon brings back fond memories for Peter Morrell

The Kerry based Quinlan family has specialised in hand curing fish since 1963 using traditional methods, natural ingredients, oak chippings and lots of manpower (each batch of smoked salmon takes roughly 20 – 24 hours).

Founded by Michael Quinlan, he developed a smoking technique that is still used today by his Master-Smoker son Ronan, using only salt and smoke. The process involves brushing back the natural fish oils into the salmon during the smoking and this helps to give the unique taste and texture that Quinlan’s, Kerry Fish has become famous for. Two of their smoked salmons were entered for the first time ever into this year’s Great Taste Awards and the Irish Wild Smoked Salmon and the Premium Smoked Salmon were awarded 2 Gold Stars apiece.

Irish Wild Smoked Salmon

Wild salmon is a rare product, think saffron from the sea, due to the EU quotas and the ultra-short window the wild salmon are in the appropriate area. The family source their Irish Wild Atlantic Smoked Salmon from nearby shores in accordance with pre-set quotas and the salmon is then prepared for hand smoking in the original family smokehouse. The Whole Side or Whole Side sliced come with their own passport guaranteeing authenticity and traceability. The taste is as natural as possible and the wild salmon has a wonderful firm texture due to a lean healthy muscle content.
RRP: Whole side £79.00 per Kg, whole side sliced £89.00 per Kg, 500g £50.00, 250g, £25.00, 125g, £12.50

Organic Smoked Salmon

The Quinlan’s source their fish from farms located in the Atlantic giving the salmon plenty room to swim – it’s as near to free range as possible. Their feed is certified organic and together these factors ensure a natural colour muscle, a natural taste and perfect texture.
RRP: Whole side from £36.80, 250 gm packs from £6.00

Superior Smoked Salmon

Sourced from Atlantic farms that allow the salmon a near free range existence, the family select only the finest quality and healthiest salmon. The smoking process takes approximately 24 hours giving a wonderfully firm but succulent texture and a natural taste.
RRP: Whole sides from £16.80, 250gm packs from £4.00

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Currently, UK customers can purchase from the Quinlan’s Kerry Fish online shop and receive their order within 24 hours www.kerryfish.com

Peter Morrell, food and drink editor of AboutMyGeneration commented: “When I was young my father paid frequent visits to London. He would always pop in to a specialist shop to buy smoked salmon as a treat for the family. The memory of its unique taste has stayed with me but smoked salmon today never seems to match my recollection. When I sampled Quinlan’s smoked salmon its immediately brought back that elusive taste experience which I thought had gone forever.

About Quinlan’s

Smoked Salmon and fresh seafood are a passion for the Quinlan family and they strive to ensure that they provide the best seafood to their customers. Kerry Fish by the Quinlan family has followed a tradition of carefully selecting, curing and smoking the finest Atlantic Salmon and its philosophy is to use artisan skills, age-old recipes and the finest fresh ingredients to bring its customers the very best Wild, Organic and Superior Irish Smoked Salmon.

Kerry Fish was started in 1963 and continues to be managed by Michael Quinlan and his three sons, Liam Quinlan, Ronan Quinlan and Fintan Quinlan who are the only four people who know the secret smoking recipe.