Ordering Smoked Fish Online

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Ordering smoked fish online has become very popular during the lockdown. With so many shops closed up, we’ve all had to look elsewhere for high-quality food. We’re happy to support our customers during these times and bring fresh catch, shellfish, and wild smoked salmon, straight to their front door. 

Ordering Smoked Fish Online

Even before lockdown, we saw a growing interest in Wild Irish Salmon in places like Germany. With a growing interest in the health benefits of healthy fish oils and an environmentally conscious fishing practice being carried out in Ireland, it’s no wonder. Many of our existing customers are turning to the online world to connect with us, and we’re happy to keep that human contact as much as we can, with phone calls and emails to let our customers know what’s happening and when they can expect their order.

The Gift Of Good Grub

One of the surprising things we’ve seen with lockdown was that many people began making food gifts for others. One of our new customers told us on the phone that they were ordering for family members who they couldn’t see in person. “My mother is cocooning at the moment, and she always loved going out for seafood. Fresh mussels are her favourite starter, so I thought I’d send her some to enjoy at home!”

It struck us that fresh, delicious, nutritious meals are a lovely way to say, “Maybe I can’t see you right now— but I hope you’re happy and healthy, and I want you to enjoy your meal!” When we think of gifts, we often think big.   These days, many of us have everything we need, and many more of us don’t know what we want!  Perhaps more than ever, the biggest impact is found in the small gestures. So when you want to make a gesture, what better gesture to give to your family and friends than a delicious, wholesome meal, sent to their door? For those who aren’t so keen on cooking (but love the best quality food), our award-winning Chowder is also a great option and can be stored, ready to eat, in the fridge.

If you have any questions or would like to make an order, you can give us a call on 066 9472 177