New Catch Every Day

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We get a new catch every day. If you decide to choose fresh catch, the beauty is that every day you enjoy something different. With the nature of the work, we must move with the tides. What we catch out in the wild will depend on nature itself — and a healthy dose of good luck. That makes our fresh seafood delivery service something special. You can choose what you want from our selection, or you can try our seafood box and enjoy the freshest catch. 

Explore New Recipes

When you’re a seafood lover, letting nature choose the menu for you means you get a great chance to experiment with new fish, new seafood recipes and new cooking styles. You’ll get to enjoy fish that you might not usually go for when you’re choosing yourself, but bring a sense of variety and surprise to your meals.  Whether it’s roasted stuffed monkfish or so hake with mushroom risotto, there are some wonderful choices for you to enjoy.

Enjoy New Catch Every Day With The Seafood Box

Our Seafood box gives you a wonderful few options for your week. We all know we should eat more fish. It’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids and other important nutrients for heart and brain health. The seafood box comes in two sizes. There’s the small and the large. 

The Small Seafood box contains pre-packed servings of, usually, four types of fish. It may include Hake, Plaice, Brill, Lemon Sole, Cod and Haddock. These will be caught in a sustainable way by local fishermen. It’s then taken to be boned and prepared for delivery.

The large seafood box gives you a guaranteed €100 worth of seafood for your week. If nature offers us something different that morning we’ll give you a call and check with you what you might like to choose from.

Because we get a new catch every day, our deliveries may sometimes vary. To help with this, we will always call our customers to go over their order and ensure it has everything they want and need. Sometimes we might have a nice surprise!  If you’d like more information, please give us a call on (0)66 9472 177