“At Kerryfish, we are committed to total customer satisfaction by delivering only the finest seafood products. We produce premium quality seafood to the highest quality standards and offer superior customer service.”

The island of Ireland is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Its clean unspoiled waters are the habitat of a vast variety of fish, shellfish and crustaceans. It is the ideal environment for a premium seafood business. Our family run business has been smoking Wild Salmon since 1960 and has built up a customer base around the world including the worlds best hotel, the Burj Al Arab. Kerryfish, a leader in the Irish fishing industry, is located in one of the most picturesque areas of southern Ireland. Visit our pages about Kerry to learn more about our area.

We buy fresh seafood from small-sized fishing boats including our fleet of three trawlers who fish in the deep Atlantic waters. We process and export as required by our clients throughout the world. We take care of our customers, business partners and the environment and are available to personally deal with all our clients.

Since its inception, Kerryfish has followed a tradition of carefully selecting, curing and smoking the finest Wild Atlantic Salmon. At Kerryfish we ensure you get a top quality product because our company buys Fresh Wild Salmon direct from the fisherman.

The best salmon is undoubtedly caught in the wild and our Wild Irish Smoked Salmon is firm and rich in healthy omega 3 polyunsaturated fats. Kerryfish Wild Irish Smoked Salmon is cold smoked and this produces a product with a delicious mild flavor, our traditional smoking recipe gently smokes the tender wild salmon fillets using the distinctive flavor of the old Irish Oak. Our certified personnel hand slice our product and carefully package them according to your instructions. Our customers love the taste and texture of Kerryfish Wild Irish Smoked Salmon products!

Great care is taken to assure that only the finest grade of salmon is accepted. The smoking process takes approximately 24 hours and your order is dispatched by courier ensuring that you can enjoy our premium products a few days after they have been caught in the wild Atlantic ocean. Order some today and taste for yourself this one of a kind delicacy. The best quality smoked salmon is best simply served with just a slice of lemon and bread and butter, see our recipes for further serving ideas.

Kerryfish processes all types of sea fish, shellfish and crustaceans. All produce processed by the company either fresh, frozen, cooked or smoked, is caught in and around Irish waters and supplied by local boats and fishing co-operatives. Kerryfish exports its produce across Europe and the Middle East and Asia.

We are a proven supplier you can trust, located since 1950 at the port of Renard, our plant complies with the international regulations (HACCP) and we use modern process and control technologies in all of our operations. Kerryfish has grown steadily and formed international strategic alliances to vertically integrate its operations from deep sea fishing and market distribution. In 1998 Kerryfish started to sell its internationally renowned Wild Smoked Salmon via the internet and is a seen as a leader in distributing its products via the internet in Ireland. Kerryfish employs over 50 people – highly skilled managers, technicians and administrative personnel to carry out the company’s daily operations. Whether you are a retailer, food service chain, wholesaler or distributor, we welcome your business.