Kenmare Select, Whole Side Organic Smoked Salmon, 1000-1200g

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Kenmare Select, Whole Side Organic Smoked Salmon, 1000-1200g

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This Kenmare Select classic borders on ‘sashimi’ with the crisp, fresh taste of salmon coming at first to the fore.

The oak smoke then takes over and develops throughout the mouthful, ending with a light saltiness on the tongue. Simple, elegant and clever: this is a well-balanced smoked salmon at its most natural state.

We use the Best Organic Atlantic Salmon to produce our Multi Award Winning Smoked Salmon Kenmare Select’s Smoked Salmon, this  makes a wonderful treat or gift.

Listed in Great Taste Top 50 Foods, 3 Gold Stars Great Taste Winner & Irish Gold Award Winner at Blas Na Eireann.

Product Description
Ingredients: 100% Organic Atlantic Salmon (fish), Wit...Read More

Ingredients: 100% Organic Atlantic Salmon (fish), Without Seaweed,Natural Sea salt, Organic cane sugar ,Traditional Oak Smoke,, 1000-1200g,

This unique combination of seaweed and oak offers a rounded woody tastte with a subtle hint of oak.

The dry-curing by hand (with sea salt, cane sugar and flakes of seven edible seaweeds all native to the coast of donegal) adds a mineral quality to the overall flavour; evoking the freshness and taste of the sea.

At Kenmare Select we believe that an exceptional product needs careful attention at every stage of the process. We use a unique ‘ultra-cold’ smoke which gently permeates the fish, balancing the oak flavour with a luxurious sashimi texture.

It takes more time, but produces an exquisitely subtle, clean taste that’s distinctly different and truly delicious.

Refrigerate after opening and use within 5 days. Suitable for home freezing. Do not refreeze.

of which sugars<0.1g
of which saturates4.0g
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