Irish Independent: Miracle of Fish And Chips

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The selfless work of the clergy of Killarney was recognised today with a Good Friday lunchtime treat of fish and chips, truly a Miracle of Fish And Chips

It was the miracle of the chips and fishes that yielded one priests’ housekeeper a welcome break from cooking.

Noreen Cronin, who has been housekeeper in Killarney presbytery for 33 years, entered a competition to win the tasty treat.

She said: “The priests of Killarney parish, who work very hard, deserve free fish and chips on Good Friday. It’s their busiest time of the year and they always love to eat fish on a Friday.

“It will give me, the long-serving housekeeper, a break from cooking for one Good Friday,” she added.

Her plea was heard by Radio Kerry and Quinlan’s Fish who delivered lunch.

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Housekeeper Noreen Cronin serves up Fr Niall Howard, Canon Pat Horgan and Fr Paddy O’Donoghue their fish ’n’ chips. Photo: Don MacMonagle

Miracle of Fish And Chips
Miracle of Fish And Chips