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Have Fresh Catch Brought Straight To Your Door

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At Quinlan’s Kerry Fish, we pride ourselves on the freshness of our produce. There’s a great feeling in knowing your food is locally sourced from fresh Irish waters.  Many of us recently have felt the need to have produce brought to us. Thankfully, we provide a fresh fish delivery service to all of Ireland.

Why Fresh Catch?

We all know we should eat more fish. We’re all told about the health benefits. But it’s not always easy, especially with the current situation. Sure, we can buy the packaged items in the local supermarket, but it’s never as appealing as taking a trip to the fishmonger in the local market and choosing the best of the morning’s catch, perched on ice.

What Can You Get?

We have a two great Seafood Box options to suit your needs. The small seafood box costs fifty euro and can include four servings of prime fresh fish. On any given day, we don’t know what fish will make its way into our net. So the box’s contents can vary from day to day. Typically, you will get any one of the delicious seafood favourites such as cod, haddock, lemon sole, brill, plaice, and so on. We package the fish in such a way that you can easy it on arrival, or easily pack it away in the fridge or freezer depending on your dinner arrangements for the week.

The Large Seafood Box

If you want a larger catch of seafood with free delivery anywhere in Ireland, the large seafood box is a great choice. Once we catch it, we’ll take it to our facility, fillet it for you and then have it delivered immediately to your door. To ensure you get the correct amount of fish, we’ll include an itemised bill. The catch will vary from day to do, but that’s how you know it’s fresh. You can look forward to enjoying haddock, lemon sole, brill, cod or plaice on your dinner table.

If you have further questions about the two seafood boxes, you have something else in mind, or you simply would like to speak directly with someone, then you are welcome to contact us any time on 066 9472 177.