Sustainable Fishing Policy at Kerryfish

"We are committed to a healthy future for the Irish fishing industry and work every day in a sustainable way to ensure we will have plenty of fish for the future." Liam Quinlan, MD Kerryfish

Examples of the Sustainable Fishing Policy at Kerryfish are:

  • We fully support responsible fishing initiaves from BIM and the EU.

  • We catch our own fish or buy fish from small inshore boats.

  • We do not buy or catch under sized fish.

  • We advise the fishermen to catch mature fish and to use sustainable fishing methods.

  • We buy hand caught mackerel and hake and tell customers when we have it in stock.

Recycling, Reuse and Reduction

  • We participate in the BIM Green Seafood Program

  • We reduce our energy requirements by using sustainable energy souces

  • We recycle all our fish bones by providing them as bait to the local fishermen

  • We are always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint so let us know of any new ways to help save the planet!