Delivery & Refund Policy

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Shipping & Delivery

  • Prices are in Euros and all Invoices will be issued in Euros.
  • If the country you wish to deliver to is not listed, please e-mail for a quote.
  • Prices include UPS door to Door delivery except Ireland where DPD are our chosen courier deliver.
  • Prices shown are for delivery to one address.
  • We will request delivery on the day you request from UPS but we cannot guarantee it. If you have specific delivery requirements, please include them in the space on the Order Form.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure someone is available to take delivery at the address stated on the order.
  • Please note if no one is at the stated delivery address to receive delivery, then a card will be left requesting the recipient to contact their nearest courier office. We urge our customers to contact the courier immediately to ensure prompt delivery of their Smoked Salmon. We cannot accept responsibility for delivery delays due to factors outside our control i.e. weather, airline strikes etc..
  • If in a very rare occurence the bust vacuum bags carrying the fish may break, do not panic as they are designed to stay fresh for the duration of the delivery cycle.

Regretably we have to issue a warning about shipping to the USA; we are unable to guarantee an efficient delivery service. The inability of the FDA and US Customs to be consistent in their requirements has created many lengthy delays in importing smoked salmon into the USA. However, we will ship to the USA but strictly at your risk. We will ensure that all documentation is as required by the authorities as we understand it at the time of shipping, but we will not offer any refund whatsoever in case of delays or non-delivery.

Returns, refunds and cancellation policy

Due to the fresh nature of our products we do not accept returns or issue refunds after an order has been shipped.
Please contact us by phone or email to discuss any issues with your order. If you wish to cancel an order please contact us before the order ships and we will cancel the order without charge.