Delivering Fresh Seafood

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There’s a lot of work that goes into delivering fresh seafood to your doorstep. Not just from our amazing team, who have been working so hard to keep Irish families nourished during the lockdown, but also those who are helping us ensure that you can enjoy fresh fish delivery smoothly and in good condition.

A special shout out to those who work out on the water in all sorts of weather. The Atlantic can be very harsh — it has cut coarse edges across our Island over the millennia, and riding it is often not an easy task.  As we enter into Spring we begin to see calmer water, which allows incredible teams, such as the Teresa Mae, to go out further than they could in more treacherous waters,  to bring us back some fine catch. Whether it’s Turbot, Brill or Black sole, they know how to find the prime, quality catch. The Teresa Mae, like Quinlan’s, has been family owned for years. There’s something about this work that holds a sense of community

Delivering Fresh Seafood: Crab Season

Something that many people may have missed is the opportunity to enjoy some fresh crab claws and meat. Local fishermen out at the Portmagee Harbour are responsible for producing the Award Winning produce we offer — with fresh crab delivery to your door. This has all the wonderful qualities you’d hope for. It has that meaty yet tender, moist and salty flavour with that hint of fresh sweetness. And it is absolutely incredible with a bit of melted butter and salt. Crabmeat is also healthy, packed with muscle-building protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12 and Selenium. Selenium is hard to come by in food products and is essential for health. There is some evidence that increasing your consumption of selenium can reduce cancer risk. It is an antioxidant that may help prevent or reduce mental decline and stave off heart disease. 

If you have any questions about our products, or about our online delivery service, please do give us a call on 066 9472 177.  We pride ourselves on our customer service. We know that delivering fresh seafood is a delicate thing, and we do everything we can to ensure it arrives at your door fresh, and ready when you need it.